vancouver portrait photographer | couple session | jarusha and colin | jeanie

it was such an amazing day spent with jarusha+colin. we hung out at whytecliff park to a golden sunset, they introduced me to hedgewick their sometimes-flying owl kite (go, hedgewick, go!) and i got to witness two people who aren’t afraid to be silly and tender with each other. oh and did i mention that jarusha is an aMAHZing photographer? well, she is, and also an awesome running buddy, a really cool friend and fine-looking to boot. colin, you’re easy on the eyes too, hehe. here are some of my fav shots from our connection session -

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engaged | whytecliff park connection session with steph+jer | vancouver photographer | jeanie

after we got rained out for steph+jer’s connection session at whytecliff park, we decided to regroup on jun 22nd, which just happens to be the day after summer solstice. needless to say, we had plenty of sunshine and warm rays to have a picnic, spend some time by the water, and set off a lantern (or two) for blessings.

this is part ii of steph+jer’s connection session. here’s the link to part i.

…enjoy! <3

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engaged | urban connection session with steph+jer | vancouver photographer | jeanie

junuary is all about unpredictable weather, with sunshine one minute and hailstones the next, so we had to shoot steph and jeremy’s connection session over two days. that meant that i got to spend two awesome days with this funny and adorable couple who are all about laughs and giggles … and loves of love. this is a blog of a collection of some of my favourite images from their urban-meets-whytecliff-park connection session.

here’s part i – urban love <3

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lifestyle photographer | sneak peek | whytecliff connection session | stephanie+jer II | jeanie

a glorious sunset at whytecliff park with stephanie+jer … it was fun clamouring over the rocks with you two! (:

… more images from part I and II to follow next week!

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lifestyle photographer | sneak peek | connection session | stephanie+jer | jeanie

i gots to hang out with these two fab kids today at a hot new spot today! so much fun to be had; can’t wait until their wedding day! here’s a sneak peek … more in a few days!

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lifestyle photographer | sneak peek | connection session | jarusha+colin | jeanie

a sneak peek from a monday evening’s connection session in whytecliff park (:

jarusha+colin are two of the most fun loving people i have ever met. they’re super cool and i love that they not only picked whytecliff park for their connection session, but also brought along a wonderful kite named hedwig.

more images will follow shortly! (:

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newborn photography | hello m | jeanie

sweet little m arrived in may, just one day shy of his parents’ second year wedding anniversary. talk about awesome timing! <3

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newborn photographer | sneak peek of m | by jeanie

i got to meet a sweet lil boy last week. after a good feed from mom, he was like putty in my hands! here’s one take from our session last week.

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connection session | hatley castle | sarah+parker | jeanie

a very light misting of rain set the stage for sarah+parker’s connection session this morning at hatley castle in victoria. it was the perfect scene setter for these two lovebirds. speaking of which, a peacock or two might have kept us entertained all morning (:

vendor participation – jen li hair (victoria)

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connection session at hatley castle | just one frame | vancouver wedding photographer | jeanie

this connection session was all about sarah+parker, but for about 5 minutes, this gorgeous peacock took centre stage at hatley castle.

more highlights later this week! (:

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